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DDJ-SX3 & Serato gain controls

Hello all,

I have noted that the gain controls on my DDJ-SX3 does not move the gain controls on Serato, but they work in their own way, controlling a gain different from the gain of Serato. In addition, the vu meters on the console have different values compared to the vu meters in serato. 

I have tried to remap only the gain controls to the controls in Serato, and they work! BUT.. I have noted that, allowing hardware remapping, other controls (i.e. crossfader and its assignments) aren't mapped as expected. 

Can somebody help me? 

Thank you all in advance


Alessandro Mazzoni Répondu

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The hardware gain adjusts the audio levels on the inbound signal. The gain in the software is a separate gain stage which you could adjust, or use the auto-gain setting for it to be adjusted itself. You don't want to map the knob on the hardware to that function in software as it would effectively become an exponential gain control.

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Hello, thank you for the answer. I would love to map the knob, but the problem is that, if I try to remap, other functions are misplaced. Is it possible to have the xml file with the right midi mapping for my console, so I can edit that map directly?

Thank you again

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