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Big Sur. Seriously?

I just updated to Big Sur. Never would have thought that there were still apps out there that have not been updated. Compatibility announcements stopped tricking into my inbox a month ago.

Nothing about it on your FAQ!

No announcement as to when it's coming! Because apparently you guys like to get everything right LOL.

Your forums don't work on Safari, BTW. 

Freaking awesome work guys!


Paul Wilkinson

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We posted an update to our news page (and social media channels) back on November 10th advising that customers avoid updating until after we've had a chance to verify compatibility and update drivers where necessary. We expect new drivers to roll out this month.

Oh, but we're not the only ones who announced this and haven't yet provided an update, Serato is still in the process.

Thank you for your patience.

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And as for issues logging in or posting, you can thank the changes to browser security to block 3rd party cookies / cross-domain data. Be sure to allow it for this site for:


Clear those cookies, reboot the browser, then you should be fine.

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