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Newbie here! And I need some help!

I've been using Rekordbox with an integrated soundcard on my old PC for ages, works but the sound quality wasn't great, so when I upgraded I added a Asus Xonar AE 7.1 card to the build because of the sound quality (and I can just whip a few cables around and have 7.1 for my gaming!)

However, I have a bit of a problem.

= Master is set to channels 1&2 and my main speakers connected accordingly.

= Cue is set to channels 3&4 and my headphones connected accordingly.

This is how my old PC was setup and should be the same on the new one, but...

I can always hear (at about 25% volume) the output from 3&4 on channels 1&2!

Does anyone else use this card? If you do, did you have the same issue and how did you fix it? or is it just a faulty card that's bleeding audio across the channels.

I know it's not a Rekordbox or controller issue.


Paul Sammons

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