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Mac's now come with Big Sur and no drivers available?

I cant believe that there are no drivers available for Big sur.  I have new years eve gigs happening and now are in the shit!  Just bought a new Mac that came with Big Sur. 

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I'm sorry, but this isn't new information. We made the first announcement back on November 10th that Big Sur was not yet supported and we were working to create new drivers. I know internally why we (and others, such as Serato) are delayed however I can't disclose why or when it will be resolved. This has nothing to do with being able to develop in advance.

We thank you for your patience.

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That's the way it goes - unfortunately. 

PioneerDj claims to build the most professional DJ hardware but doesn't support one of the most professional environment.

Sorry Pioneer guys, I'm also waiting for months for this update. I can imagine that the new chip Apple introduced is gives some challenges - but I'm pretty sure you're in the Apple developer program so you should have known the changes over half a year already and also test hardware / software available to develop your drivers right in time.

Other "not so professional?" companies already support Bug Sur from day first on.

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