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Computer fails connect to DDJ-FLX6

I just got a brand new computer, HP Envy x360 Convertible 15m-ed1xxx, 11th Gen. i7 processor and 12 GB of Ram. When I connected the controller to the PC, the pc recognized the Device by name, but it won't change the Audio "Speaker (Realtek(R) Audio)" to "Line 2 (DDJ-FLX6)" like it does on the other laptop, which is a Lenovo x250 Thinkpad (5th Gen i5 processor, 8GB of Ram) which works perfectly fine. I've emailed support already, and they informed me that there is an issue with 11th gen processors and the controllers, but I was wondering if this might be something to do with my audio drivers or something, as the new PC does notify me that the controller is connected and it shows that it's "getting DDJ-FLX6 ready", but it just doesn't switch output or change the audio like it does on the other laptop, and I have absolute control over neither rekordbox or Serato through the controller. It's plugged in and the computer recognizes the device, it just doesn't do anything. Are there any drivers or fixes that I can download to fix this?

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I see that you have an 11th-gen Intel CPU. We have identified an issue where the computer doesn't seem to correctly recognize the device as a MIDI device due to a problem with the compatibility between the CPU and the pre-installed drivers. 

Please check the HP support site for updated audio drivers for your computer:

Before installation, please verify that your Windows build matches the Audio Driver's compatibility; if the Audio Driver is for older OS, you may have to downgrade to a previous version such as build 1809. In that the case, please back up your data - we are not responsible for the loss of any data or personal information due to an OS downgrade.

You may also check for any other 3rd party audio drivers or software which may be either disabled or uninstalled.

If that does not solve the issue, you may have to wait until HP releases new audio driver compatible with your computer.

Thank you.

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