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Missing file(s) on DJM-REC

Just recorded a 3.5 hour mix but DJM-REC only recorded 1:19 of it (even though I followed the time while it was recording all the way to 3:33:53) 
I like the 3’s so I remember it distinctly 
Im not being able to locate the remainder of the set file (went through all tabs and files). So bizarre 
I poured my heart into this mix
Ari Ovadia

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Hey Ari,

Sorry to hear that - is the file itself showing as being 3h33 in length with just 1h19 of audio and the rest is blank, or is the file only 1h19 long?

Which mixer are you using / firmware version?

Which device are you using / iOS version / app version?


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The file length shows 1h19. 

Mixer is DJM-750MK2

Device was an i-Pad Air 2, version 10.2.1, Running on the most recent DJM-REC App.There are over 90GB of storage available on the i-Pad.

I've successfully made other mixes and recordings on the app before, just not as long.

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