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DDJ1000 + Mic + OBS + Mac

Hi. I have been looking at a previous tutorial showing how to setup a MIC on the ddj1000 to work with OBS using Soundflower and Jack. As Jack has now been updated to Jack2 the tutorial is very different from this new version and I cannot seem to get it working. Is this still possible so I can use my mic when streaming?

Many thanks

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Hey Hammay,

The problem with JACK is they never updated the routing panel for 64bit use, so newer versions of macOS block it from running. Without the panel GUI, it's incredibly difficult to perform the necessary routing. Your best bet is to use an application like LoopBack or SoundSiphon as one of the other issues OBS has (and thus the necessity for JACK-style routing) is the inability to access channels other than 1/2 on an audio device. Alternatively, using another audio interface to capture the master output would work as an input to OBS.

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