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Weird DDJ-400 Tempo Problem

Hey guys,

I've got a bit of an odd one here and I really cannot work out the issue... any help would be hugely appreciated!
I just recently got a DDJ400 and everything was fine till today. When I plugged in the controller and I loaded up the first track I instantly noticed the tempo sounded much higher than what it was set to.
The tempo of the track should have been 120bpm but, by using the tempo Tap button in Rekordbox I estimate it was approx 130bpm.
The BPM display still reads 120bpm but it is playing at approx 130bpm. The tempo slider on the controller is set to zero / mid point.
As soon as I disconnect the controller and play the track again, I get the correct tempo of 120bpm.
I haven't changed anything to my knowledge and I am stumped currently lol
Rekordbox version 6.4.2

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It's possible that it simply didn't recognize the position of the tempo fader. If it happens again, try sliding the fader all the way minus and all the way plus then back to zero.

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Hi, thanks for the response.

I'm 99% sure I tried this already thinking that there might be a slider problem. This issue isn't intermittent, it's constant. Anything else that could cause this? Should I reinstall the software? Could there be an issue with the unit itself?


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You could use a MIDI monitor to see what signals are sent when moving the fader up and down. If there are deadzones or if it doesn't achieve the maximum values, then it would show a problem with the fader or the board receiving the signal from the fader.

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