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RB-DMX1 or something else?

I currently have the DDJ-1000 and am thinking of buying the RB-DMX1 to control my lights. But since I really don't want to be depending on a laptop whenever I have a gig, I'm also thinking about replacing the DDJ-1000 with an XDJ-XZ. And if I understand correctly, you absolutely need your laptop for controlling the RB-DMX1 through Rekordbox.

When I get a XDJ-XZ, will that render the RB-DMX1 useless (for me)? Or is there a way I can somehow still use the RB-DMX1 (with a laptop) in combination with a XDJ-XZ? Or any other stand-alone controllers or DJ Gear?

Or is there an alternative? Some other piece of hardware I can use to control the lights without spending hours of programming?

Cliff Pennock

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Definitely hold on to the RB-DMX1, it's the only way to sync Pioneer equipment to Rekordbox. If you're thinking of letting it go and in Australia though...

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