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Toriaz is OVER - You Were Right!

So I got an email back today and this is what they said word for word - ..."However, we have no update plan for the SP-16 currently.". This is from my post about asking them to fix the tempo issue and the unit getting about 90% of the tempo/length incorrect due to a firmware bug. I sent them a video and they did confirm it was a valid issue. They sent me a file that is suppose to be a "patch" but all it does is fix the tempo for the pre-built sounds but doesn't help at all with new samples. It's basically useless. 

So Pioneer is basically saying the Toriaz line is dead and they aren't going to update it anymore. Why do they continue to sell these products knowing they are not going to fix problems? All this is going to do is upset people. I personally will NEVER buy another Pioneer product ever again no matter how good it is because I have lost all trust in the company.

You guys were right when you told me Pioneer would not help. Man, I feel like an idiot because I was so adamant about supporting the product and telling people how good it was This is the problem with going against the grain and taking a chance on the smaller product. Every time I have purchased the underdog and put my support behind it, the company just turns around and stabs me in the back. 

I could have (and should have) gone with the Akai MPC One and had a unit that has all the same features and gets regular updates. I think I am going to order one today and throw by Toriaz on Ebay knowing I will lose money on it. I don't care though because I hate being lied to. My confidence in Pioneer has been shattered. I put all my support behind the product because I believed in it and then I come to find out they are selling a product they know is dead. 

How hard is it to put a disclaimer on your website or product description saying "We still sell this product but we have no plans to release future software updates". This way people can make an informed decision and you don't lose customers who will never consider purchasing one of your products again. 

I can't even express how much of an idiot I feel like and how I will never purchase another Pioneer product. Pioneer should at least open source the code so current Toriaz owners who have invested years of their time in the product can come together and release their own firmware and fix the issues they want to fix. The code on this unit cannot be that complex. 

Personally, I am going Akai MPC and never looking back. I will never consider another product outside that realm and will never purchase another Pioneer product no matter how good it is. I am sorry to everyone who I told this product was great and everyone who went out and bought one from my posts and enthusiasm. I feel like such an idiot. 


Scott McCarthy

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@Scott > The SP-16 was released in summer of 2016 with 6 major firmware updates over the following 3 years, adding many features that were never advertised or promised in the original design and marketing of the unit.

I'm sorry you feel anyone "lied" to you.

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If you aren't going to fix the issues, stop selling it. It may have been released in 2016 but I just bought mine less than a year ago and I identified a major issue with the unit not even being able to get tempo/length right and your support acknowledges the issue but yet refuses to fix it. Whatever features you claim have been released, a major core function doesn't even work. There are many people who have been asking for this to be fixed for over 3 years now. I am not the first. 

Regardless, it seems like Pioneer thinks you have released a complete working product when most of your userbase thinks differently. There is a Facebook group with over 2,500 members asking for the firmware to be open sourced so all the issues with the unit can be fixed. Why does your user base feel the need to ask to open source the firmware if you guys have done such an amazing job of releasing features and fixes?

At this point I realize it doesn't matter. Pioneer isn't going to listen nor fix the problems if thousands of people asking for fixes go ignored for years. You guys have already decided you have done an incredible job while over 2,500 people are asking Pioneer to release the code to fix all the issues with the unit. 

I was a big supporter of your products but now realize there is a massive disconnect between Pioneer thinking they have done this great job of supporting the unit when most of your user base thinks differently. This is never going to be resolved as long as your company thinks they are doing such an amazing job. 

Maybe your management can spend some time looking online at the endless complaints about all the issues with the unit. Either way, I'm done. Good luck. 

Scott McCarthy 0 votes
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Saying that 6 updates are something exceptional and calling them "major updates" is very funny. Personally, I consider it as a big failed joke. I bought Toraiz SP-16 a few days after it was launched in Europe in 2016. Toraiz with firmware 1.1 could not do anything. No sampling function, 3 effects total, one fx slot and that was all. Toraiz was only basic sample player with very high premium price. If Pioneer releases only prototype products like SP-16 was, it needs not firmware 1.6 at all, but at least firmware 3.0 now! With SP-16 you still can't do what Pioneer promised in the beginning at Musicmesse 2016. With firmware 1.6 should Pioneer starts and not finish its production.

Dear Pioneer, I recommend looking at others companies to learn what does major update mean. Akai brings truly new major updates to their customers and sets an example of what a reputable company should look like. Samplers have new functions with every update, new bug fixes, new sample packs, ability to buy extensions packs...

Toraiz SP-16 was a big mistake and lesson not to buy new products from Pioneer anymore.

James Phunk -1 votes
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