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DJM 2000 not showing in Traktor or Mac Catalina


Please help!!! 

I recently bought and updated with latest firmware/drivers, a DJM 2000. My MacBook Pro retina is running OS Catalina. 

I was hoping to USB the mixer into my laptop running Traktor Pro 3, and send audio via USB to the mixer. But for starters, my Mac doesn't allow me to select the mixer as audio device for output, and Traktor doesn't see the mixer as an audio device when in the audio setup page. 


Please help! 

It feels like I'm close to getting there, but just can't seem to. 

Luke Taylor

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False alarm. 

Not sure what the hell happened or how it happened, but after a lot of head scratching, uninstalling and installing of drivers, it suddenly came good. 

None the wiser - but happy it's working. 



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