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WeDJ and ddj-200 - feedback and ideas for future development

Hi Team

Great app and stands out among the ones existing for android. Here are some comments.


WeDJ kicks ass among android dj apps in terms of beatmatching. I have tried out edjing mix, cross dj, djay and none of them even comes close. With wedj, you sync and forget. Very good feature that songs can be synced before they are started. Kind of obvious but missed by others.

Room for improvement: finger pointing on wave to trigger playback elsewhere, instant resync of the track to the other one playing could be done automatically. You don't want to jump to some horse trot on such occasions unless you switch off sync by yourself. 


Function accessibility

The obvious lack of perf pads type selection could be somehow compensated. 

a) A different type to show on screen and be accessible via pads. The on-screen could be even selected in settings. 

b) four pads not used by hot cues (not sure why) could be used with much benefit for looping - just 'loop off' and reloop as a minimum but could be 16/4/2/1 instead. Shorter loops are already available as fx.

c) alternatively, the lower pads could select the pads menu type: loops, hot cues, fx, (or complementarily to b, this would be seen and could be selected with shift pressed

3. Layout

Have a look at edjing mix how wonderfully logical their layout is and the menu options. the perf pad type lacking from the controller can be easily touch-selected on screen.


Easily means without navigating menus to make this menu choice IYKWIM. Compare to their pro how they managed to crapirfy this

Also, white skin they have on stock, really helpful on some occasions.

See how greatly the waves are shown in the upper stripe of the screen - you can set things up to see both one track immediate view over another for beat and bar matching and full view for an idea where you are per each track. 


Great keeping battery out of the device. I know this might be a business decision and less than ideal for users but saves environment. 


Performance pads lights - not always properly show which buttons have hot cues already defined - a but that would need some investigation. 

6. Connecting ddj200 - not too obvious where to click to have it connected. I needed to look up online. Click here to connect would be spot on.


Tablet vs phone mode - I am using tablet on my 6inch phone because more is accessible. still, when I browse tracks, phone view would be more readable. That is how this is done in one of the competing products - either edjing mix or crossdj: when on phone song browsing

8. controller search could be done automatically and in the background upon starting / restarting the app. if the process destabilises playback, it could be interrupted if user clicked play without waiting.

so you start the app having the controller powered up, wait a few seconds for it to light up telling you it is connected and off you go.

Else if no controller is there, you don't even know the app did the check.


9. Shift and play could open the select song menu for the track. If done during track playback, the confirmation prompt could pop up as it does.


10. When browsing songs and keys are selected to show up on the right, it would it be possible to have the keys sorted by transitiveness rather than alphabetically? The circle of fifths dictates that from one key it is best to go to one of the two other ones I think. I am sure some on your team knowing scales will know the answer instantly. You could scroll to the song currently playing on one or the other track and see all the matching tonalities as either before or after the song. hope that makes sense.

Lastly, it would be good to see that android is getting as much as ios, especially when it comes to online music libraries. 
also, offline library handling and exporting would be so useful, but I am sure you know it.

To sum up, very enjoying the app. It is really good to see how the market leader has picked up emergent technologies to such neat results. Many thanks and good luck. 


Warrior Lite

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