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DDJ 1000 cue/master audio issue


I have a DDJ 1000 controller (latest firware 1.12), connected to laptop with Windows 11 with latest driver (1.110) and latest Rekordbox V5 (5.8.7). I have searched all through the forums and can see that others have had this same issue, but unfortunately none of the solutions that have been successful for others have worked for me or have not been relevant to me. The issue is with the cue/master knob. I am aiming to mix in my headphones so have the audio settings such that the Master is set to my headphones as in the first screenshot below. You’ll see as well that I have the audio set to DDJ-1000 ASIO and there is no Booth output.

When I have a track playing on deck/channel 1 with the volume fader up and either a) preview a track on my laptop, or b) have another track playing on deck/channel 2 with the volume fader down, I hear both tracks playing together as expected when the cue/master knob is set to 12 o'clock. But when I turn the cue/master knob to Cue – nothing happens. When I turn the knob to Master – both tracks fade down eventually to no sound. I would normally expect when I turn the knob to cue, that I hear more of either the previewed track or the track playing in deck/channel 2. But instead I hear both tracks equally and nothing happens. I have Master Cue selected. And I have experimented with turning on/off the cue buttons for both channel 1 and 2 to see if that makes a difference but nothing happens. The 2nd screenshot is of how the controller appears when I turn the knob all the way to cue (and I can still hear both tracks playing equally).

Hopefully someone can help!





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Your Master output should be DDJ-1000 ASIO : MASTER.

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