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Auto Gain adjust not working

The background: since i play about 50-60 tracks in an hour long set, and since i do many mashups on the fly, i dont have time for manual trim adjust when im live. So i need a relyable autogain.
So i enabled autogain, loaded all the tracks in the same deck, jumped to the loudest parts and adjusted the autogain so the levels which are displayed on my DDJ-1000 are excatly the same. But when i test the tracks in the mix, the loudness of the tracks still vaies a lot. As a result my mix sounds horrible. I read a lot of discussions about this topic, always ending with "use the trim", but thats no option for me.
Maybe you have a solution for me? Maybe some setting etc. are wrong?
PS: I just came from using traktor and with this software it worked perfectly.

Jens Boll

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