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RX3- more than 2 columns in the browser view

A lot of space is wasted on the browser screen.
Please allow more than 2 columns
Track/Artist/BPM/Rating would be my favorite
With the CDJ 3000, BPM+Key is also displayed for the track and can even be sorted.
why isn't that available with the RX3, which is even the more up-to-date device?


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I agree with you. the same information being in smaller screens in older xdj.
We need more information at the same time. The side beam is not very transparent and you have to skip over each track to find out more about it. A lot time has to be wasted to find the right song.


Tomasz Szymański 1 voto
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totally agree. I would like the option to add an extra column, but the option to remove it too.

I think i prefer to not see the track cover image and see the hot cues for example.

LazySunday 0 voti
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Please please please. RX2 this was fine with less columns as was a smaller screen. Lets use the new large screen to actually see more.

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