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Beam Moving Head ST-S606

Cor 1: 0-15 branco 
Cor 2: 16-31 vermelho
Cor 3: 32-47 verde
Cor 4: 48-63 azul
Cor 5: 64-79 amarelo 
Cor 6: 80-95 laranja 
Cor 7: 96-111 rosa

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Your fixture request has been added to the AtlaBase library. It will be reflected in the next rekordbox fixture library update (performed once a week on Wednesday or Thursday except for the national and company holidays). Please find the latest list of the library fixtures here (under Fixture library lists).

Manufacturer: Unknown
Fixture: ST-S606

However, you have forgotten color 8 (DMX 112-127).

On behalf of Pioneer DJ,
AtlaBase Ltd

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