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2000 nexus 2 hot cue d

So I'm playing last night and the deck with the usb keeps going back to a cue point that was not assigned. Mid tune and the d cue lights up green and goes back to a track I previously played. highly embarrassing, Any ideas on what is going on? I turned off the deck and started again and the cue point had gone. Then at the end of the set it started doing it again.

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Yeah - you had a hot cue stored and the deck was not set to call the hot cue on track load, thus leaving the hot cue in memory, allowing you to jump to that other track at any time.

It's not a flaw, it's a feature. If you want to avoid this in future, load the tracks via the selector knob, and be sure that your preference is set to load the hot cues on track load.

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