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Folders show content of playlists contained inside

Not sure if this has been suggested or not.

In serato, you have crates and subcrates. When you click on the crate that contains other crates within, you are able to see everything contained inside.

For example, you make a folder called "Hip Hop" then put all of your specific genre playlists in that folder - East Coast, West Coast, Throwback, Etc. When you click on the folder it should show ALL of the songs contained in all of the playlists in the folder.

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It's called recursive listing, and yes, it's on the list. We hope they'll add it soon. Thanks for the feedback.

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Bumping this request!

As of now:
When selecting a folder, no tracks are listed, which is pointless/waste.

When selecting a folder, list all tracks of folders and playlists inside (both non- and intelligent pl), without displaying duplicates.

This will greatly improve the use of Track Filter and give more meaning to folder hierarchy.

Hope you find this meaningful @Pulse and can pass along to devs!

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