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Toraiz - rattle inside if tilted - from Analog Filter / Normal?

Just curious,  my unit works fine.  Inside does rattle when tilted/ turned upside down.  I was guessing this is normal something with the Analog filter because it is a uniform type ratttle noise precise movement, not pieces moving all over but if it's not supposed to be like that I should probably get an explaination or replacement.



Andrew Roberts

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Hi Andrew,

Sorry to hear that! Have you tried returning the product to where you bought it from? 

Or you could take it to a service centre?



Stephen Herdman
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Hi all the rattle is on all SP-16 units. Nothing to be concerned about --its actually the buttons. My tech took the bottom off my unit and it was obvious :)

Pioneer should send out an informer notice that this is normal otherwise a lot of unnecessary returns to service centres.

cheers David


David Bulog 0 voti
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