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New firmware v1.3

Some thoughts after 1 hour of using v1.3 (as Pioneer reps peak from behind fingers with trepidation...)


Ducker is FANTASTIC - great effect - I wish it was available built into every track and you didn't have to use up the only fx slot per track to use it.

DSI filter per track - it's limited to 1 track or master track - I really can't see myself using it

Slicing - a little easier (still no transient slicing though)

No copy / paste / undo - maybe this is turning out to be a challenging piece of code for the devs as I cannot for the life of me think of any reason for them to leave this out in a modern piece of gear - what are they smoking?

Phaser - nice effect.


You still can only use EITHER master OR send effects - could the coders squeeze a little more CPU out of the SP16 to all both?

Overall - not sure how I feel.


I just hope that they keep their promises of more updates and that we don't have to wait 3 more months until the next one.


Copy and paste / undo please.....

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As previously outlined, the next update will be this spring, and the included changes are not finalized, so they are working hard to implement as many of the requests and fixes as possible.

We won't have any guarantee of what features will be included until its release. 

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i like the update, couple of great features that for me have improved things.

DSi filter, I didn't use it but now I can use it per track I find it way more useful, I'm pleased with this feature. particularly having a pre/post switch on it.

LFO to master is also great, nice to do some auto panning, and great on the send amount. But this does highlight the desperate need for another LFO or pref a 2nd loopable envelope.

Scale is cool, definitely useful but I would of liked a custom scale option, being able to select a note separately for each pad. maybe you can but I can't see how to do it?

Ducker is a nice creative effect.

All in all its a positive step forward.

also the implementation of the AS-1 looks good, I really have no need for any more analogue synth gear, but something about the way it integrates makes me want one....



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