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TORAIZ SP16 - When I manual input steps into step sequencer they are already step modulated

After the firmware update to 1.3, I've seen that when I manual input note into the step sequencer it happens that some step is already step modulate. Sometimes is the pitch, sometimes the note lenght and so on. It happens both on sample track and midi track. It looks very strange to me.
So I'm guessing what I am doing wrong.


Thank you very much


Robert Towelar

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Hello Robert,

As simon asked are you recording on an existing file? or also are you editing one of the DEMO songs? 

Usually Ive herd this problem but its because the DEMO songs have adjusted parameters such as PITCH, VELOCITY and more. 

Try opening a new project and let me know if the problems continues.


Dj Creme
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Solved. There was the slice or scale menu selected. So when inputted the step took the last step modulation variation even if it was minutes ago.

Shame on me

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Are you recording on a track where you have already recorded something? Maybe there is some legacy data left?

Do you have a midi controller / keyboard / device attached? Maybe that is sending some midi in.

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