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cdj 2000 nxs2 instant on/off for all hot cues when track is paused

 I'd like to be able to have cues A-H operate like the main cue button above the play/pause button, when you press down on the cue the track plays, when you take your finger off of the cue, the track immediately stops playing.

So;  When the track is paused i'd like to play the cues for as long as i press on each cue; when I depress I'd like for it to stop playing.  

When track is in play, the cues would operate like they do now (continuous play)

Denon released it's new player in 2017 right out of the gate with this feature by default.  

I've been waiting for this feature since the cdj 2000 nxs2 was released.  


Dave The One Mendez

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So the Denon SC 5000 handles this feature in it's options menu; you can toggle the feature. 

Hope to see this in a CDJ firmware update. 

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