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Toraiz messing up midi channels assignments on pads by itself (multiple external synths controlled by Toraiz)

I found yet another bug with 1.3 firmware. The Toraiz cannot remember (in fact it messes up the midi channel assignments randomly!!) If different scenes have different midi channels assigned to different pads. Example:

In scene 5 I have pad 9=midi ch1, pad 10=midi ch4, pad 13=midi ch2.
In scene 6 I have pad 9=midi ch1, pad 13=midi ch4, pad 14=midi ch2.
In scene 7 I have pad9=midi ch4.

Let's say I'm playing scene 7 now and switch to scene 5. NOW,

In scene 5 I have pad 9=midi ch4, pad 10=midi ch4, pad 13=midi ch4. Ok let's switch from that to scene 6. NOW,

In scene 6 I have pad 9=midi ch4, pad 13=midi ch4, pad 14=midi ch2.

WTF is going on??!?!?!

Does this mean that across ALL scenes, I need to have a specific pad ALWAYS mapped to a specific midi channel so it won't mess up? And with no copy/paste function for pattern data, that means I have to re-record the existing midi information stored on each said pad...just great.

Kevin Guoh

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@Kevin > Looks like one of our support team has already created a ticket for this with our engineers - hopefully they'll be able to get you an answer. Thanks for reporting it.

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Upon further testing (and another user on the Facebook group has also tested), we have confirmed the following:

Toraiz only remembers the latest assignment of a midi channel to a pad across scenes. Try this:

Set the same pad to a different midi channel on different scenes. Eg. Scene 1 Pad 13 = midi channel 1, Scene 2 Pad 13 = midi channel 2, Scene 3 Pad 13 = midi channel 7.

If you are now at Scene 3, when you switch to any of the other scenes, the pad midi channel will remain as ch 7, even though you assigned it to different channels before. 

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Hello Kevin,

Sorry for the late reply.

Toraiz SP-16 product planner answered.

This behavior is not a bug but it is an expected behavior. 
This is not caused by the update to Ver.1.3, because it was already in place when the MIDI assign feature was included for the first time.  
Currently, MIDI CH cannot be assigned to each SCENE, but assigned to the machine as a whole. 

We understand you wanted to assign MIDI CH for each SCENE. We always refer to such great feedback when we plan and design our future products. 

Thank you very much for the inspiring feedback.

Best regards,

CRM, Pioneer DJ



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Any news on this, will it be implemented soon? thanx a lot

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