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TORAIZ Pad Lights Indicating a Loop Being Played

Dear TORAIZ SP-16 Development Team,

Thanks for bringing out firmware updates. It's fun to see how the TORAIZ SP-16 develops.

I'm afraid I still struggle with one issue when I try to improvise with loops live. When I use one shots with the sequencer the pads that have been inserted into the sequence blink in synchrony with them being triggered. However, when I play with loops there is no indication of which pads are already playing. Would it be possible to make pads that play a loop

1) be brighter or

2) blink steadily with the BPM or

3) be highlighted temporarily with some key combination or

Or if the pads none of those ideas are workable. Could we make the display indicate which pads are playing a loop?



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Hello Zig-Zag,

Thank you for your feature  request. I will forward this to our production team. 

Thank you

Dj Creme
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Sorry. The last two sentences were a mess. What I meant was

If with the pads none of those ideas are workable, would it be possible to use the display to indicate which track is already playing a loop?

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Additional it would be nice when the Display would show which project is loaded!!!!

And also when a 4 Bar or Longer Sample is running on a Pad it would also be nice when its indicated that its playing ;-)

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