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TORAIZ - Send Amount Knob In Mixer Is Too Slow

Dear TORAIZ Team,

May I suggest that in the Mixer screen you make the SEND AMOUNT more sensitive? Currently I have to turn it about 12x to go from zero to maximum. This really limits my improvisation. In my opinion there is no need for this particular function to be so sensitive. Instead, it could easily be a single turn (like for example the analogue filter knobs). 

I hope you agree and implement it in the next firmware update.



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Knobs in general should be able to setup for more or less sensitivity at the Toraiz.

And additional it would be great when i am in the Mixer Page a Hit on the Chanel at the Touchscreen can select the Track and i can also use my finger on the touch for adjust the levels. (More Feeling like a Mixer then if i have to select a Track by Wheel and then use Poti for Adjustment!!!)



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