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Keyboard - Set Hot Cue E through H

Currently it is possible to map keyboard controls to set Hot Cues A through D but it is not possible to do the same for Hot Cues E through H. 

I actually brought this up a little over a year ago and was told that it must have been missed and that the information would be passed on to the development team.  The link for that discussion is below:




Can we please have keyboard commands for setting Hot Cues E through H?  It's the only thing that slows me down when prepping a track.  I don't always need those extra Cues but when I do it takes much more time to grab the mouse, switch from Grid to Cue/Loop, click the Hot Cue, and then switch back to Grid versus just using 1 through 8 on the keyboard.


Pretty please?


Edit:  I see that a year ago I said it's not that big of a deal to click the letters instead of having key commands mapped for E though H.  I was wrong.  It has become a frustration.


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