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SP16 Firmware 1.4

Hi pioneer,

What I like to see in firmware 1.4

Step Sequencer reversal - button buttons choose instruments then the sequencer runs through the pads like ableton or machine. Makes drawing drums in easier and faster. It's also makes sense if you want to limit tracks from 16 which leads me to the next thing

Limit the ammount of tracks so we can have the extra features we need like longer clips or more fx on a channel.

Why cant you let us choose how to allocate the limited resources, I doubt many people use 16 tracks but know alot of people asked for 32 sec limit removed or more fx

A better use of the fader on the left, the knobs are hard to mix it's more natural to use the fader

There the most important to me at the min

Scott Rotton

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I agree... and if the Touch strip controller lets us morph between step modulation it should be cool.

Lack of 1 user envelope and only FX1 is the most frustrating thing for me. Also the AMP Env is not everytime reliable when triggering pads... sometimes there's real audible latency.

+1 for the User assignable resource of the memory. This machine need to be a bit more complex it will not sacrifice the workflow. I honestly done the gear after 1 day on it... The Octatrack can take some month to get it. I guess a good balance between Simplicity and Workflow should be fine for a Professional SAMPLER in that price range ! :p 

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^ I've not had any issues triggering the envelope. Its not the quantise that your noticing is it? With Quantise on it does it in real time when sequencer is playing, this can be annoying when you are jamming over a sequence as you have to turn quantise off. There should be an option to record triggers quantised but not quantise what your actually playing. Its too slow and cumbersome for live stuff to be turning quantise on and off.


I'm not sure about having the step buttons becoming the track buttons and the pads being the sequencer. If they did this then it would throw out the whole design of the instrument, GUI etc. Personally I prefer it how it is.

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I haven't had issues with latency unless

A, You have quantise turned on

B, Your sample has is not set to start straight on the audible file

C, you accidentally have reserve on the sample so it plays the end first

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On the amp envelope i would like to see a cursor moving with a ghosted waveform to indicate where exactly I am adjusting Attack, Hold and Release. Currently it's just blank so sometimes it's a pain to try and guess 6-7 times turning the Release and Hold knobs to affect the waveform area.

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Ver.1.40 Update
*After reviewing feedback from TORAIZ SP-16 users, we’ve removed the previously announced Live Sampling function from this firmware update.
Live Sampling may be included in a future update when it can be adapted to better suit users’ needs.
We apologise to any customers who are waiting for this function and appreciate your understanding.

SEQUENCE: Copy & paste.
TRACK: Copy & paste.
TRACK : Swap.
UNDO: Dynamic sequence recordings.
Remove all triggers from a TRACK.

Maximum sample length has been extended to 64 seconds.
Improved the response time when turning pots quickly.
Dave Smith filter settings can be saved per SCENE.
Improved response when pressing the Back button on the Browse screen.

Playback muted when you muted a TRACK in the same CHOKE group.
The bar displaying the current playback position didn’t appear when previewing a sample on the SAMPLING EDIT screen.
Changed the names of folders to store projects, samples and scene files.

So disappointing :rage: … I always said what’s the point of 32sec or 64sec if modulations destinations are not HUGE… What’s the point of only FX1 if we can’t mixed 16 tracks non destructively … What’s the point of DJS1000 compatibility if both OS doesn’t give the same software options including performance FX.

So much time to wait for Live Sampling (Looper) to disappear… to profit 64 sec max limit… But that make no sense if on the other side we can’t modulate things like long evolving texture so it’s definitively a Sample Player to me, an expansive one ! (Because you can’t edit your recorded material except for start point / end point) so to me it’s not what I called a sampler…

I am jaded

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