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Better Workflow with Network Storage , Flac files, higher samplerates in Rekordbox

I'm testing all this out for the first time. I may end up having to go back to a Traktor setup however this is a start. 

The software crashed multiple times trying to preview flac files over network storage on Windows. 

Network storage support and tested is a must. 

I need to be able to preview tracks I need. Then select the ones I want into a playlist. Then before syncing to the usb flash drive, if required they are converted to wav and resampled to 48k. 

Many of my vinyl rips are 24/88 Flac archives. I buy all my Bandcamp downloads as Flac. But Flac enabled devices is not common yet. People are using the 1000 and 2000 without Flac support. 

Daniel Rossi

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