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DSI Filter Request & Other function

I was quite excited about the new update but its fallen short of my expectations. I assumed the DSI filter would be assignable to ALL outputs at the same time. Not just one output at any one time. Essentially its no different to before. Please can you make it possible to assign the DSI flilter to all 8 outputs at once, or a selection of outputs we choose. I make full use of all the outputs the Toraiz offers, and need to put the filter on more than one output at any given time.

Also, a suggestion, a NORMALISE (volume) function on imported samples would be great.

Excited to hear that you are working on extending the sample time from 32 secs. not that I use samples longer than that, but to have the option and be able to choose sample length on our own free will would be welcomed. 

Hayley Walker

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Hello Hayley,

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions, I will pass this along to the production team. 



Dj Creme
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