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CDJ-350 USB/PC switching using recordbox


I`m using Rekordbox with my pioneer DDJ controller, but now I got 2 x CDJ-350 players.

I found out that when switching from-to PC-USB rekordbox stops playing for some time and changes deck location and it is doesn`t suite. We need to switch because on USB is located all necessary for evening and everything else on PC.

I read a lot of information and try VDJ. With VDJ all works fine. But I prefer Rekordbox.

Is there any update on this?

CDJ uses last FW 1.13 and Rekordbox last beta. Windows 10


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I am trying to play B2B with an other Dj who uses USBs, and I am using Rekordbox DJ. When he is trying to switch from PC mode(cdjs 350) to USB rekordbox stops for 2-3 secs and its really annoying. Anything I can do about that?

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