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3 Important Feature Requests

3 things that would make the Toraiz even more killer

1: Being able to name scenes.
I use my Toraiz all the time live. When it comes time to changed scenes (and sometimes patterns) I look at all the colored lights and think "which one is the track I'm looking for?" Being able to rename scenes and see that in the touch screen would make scene navigation a far less risky prospect when I'm killing it on the dance floor.

2. Amp Envelopes on Thru Tracks
This box is disabled when you use a thru track but, seriously, being able to gate incoming audio to whatever I enter into the sequencer is incredibly powerful. Especially when using modular synths (which is a really popular trend on live performance these days). This is a favorite trick of another popular sampler on the market and would be a welcome sight here.

3. A default EQ per track
EQing is critical to nailing a good mix. Having to use the only available fx slot just to clean up the mix is unfortunate. Having a simple EQ per track would be bliss for the output. If you wanted to just make 2 fx available per track, I'd be ok with that too. ;-)

Thanks Pioneer. I'm loving my Toraiz. It's the hub of my live show.

Scott Fox

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Thanks for your suggestions, I will pass these along to our production team. 

Dj Creme
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> If you wanted to just make 2 fx available per track


A possible solution is to have a Chain track type which takes the audio from any other Sample track and passes it through its FX. It's like a Thru track but it takes audio from a Sample track, not the external audio input. That way you can have 2 FXs. I'm prepared to lose a few tracks to get that.


But I am also hopeful that there is a reason why FX is called FX1 and there is space for another FX block...


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Second FX has been added, now only "name" of scene remaining ;)

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