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CDJ 2000nxs2

when loading a track from the tagged list and then playing the track, removing the tag will also remove the cue function. however when loading the same track, still tagged but from a playlist then removing the tag the cue function stays.

The CDJ 2000 nexus didnt have this issue.

Any chance this can be sorted in future firmware updates? As I always remove the tag first i have to hold down the platter in vinyl mode while pressing a hot cue and then press cue to get the function back.

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There is a reason for this - speed of performance.

When loading the track through certain methods (eg. the tag list or the >| next track button), you're "speed loading" the track to get it to play faster, and as a result, hot cues are not loaded automatically, regardless of preference.

When loading through a playlist or search, it will load normally and all hot cues will auto-load according to the preferences.

There are no plans to change this, sorry.

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