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RMX 500 with behringer djx 750

Hey, I am trying to use the RMX 500 with the djx 750 mixer from behringer, using the send and return fx-loop. But i can't seem to figure out how to use it, and how to apply fx to seperate channels.. I've read the manual (http://images.junostatic.com/manual/362666-01U.pdf page 6, number 42)  of the mixer, but i still don't understand how I am supposed to apply effects to my channels. Can someone give me a somewhat better explanation of how the send-return fx-loop works on the djx 750? Thanks!


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Send the signal (song) from the mixer to the RMX and then return (song with effect) back to the mixer.  Turn on the XPQ and then then assign the effect to a channel with the selector knob.  Turn up the source XPQ volume and you should be good!  If not check if Behringer has a forum that may address the S/R on the 750 better. but the RMX is really straight forward with how it works for Send and Return!  Good luck!

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