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Sound for deck 1 and 2 coming out of 1 channel on external mixer

Hey guys,

I've got 2x  Pioneer cdj 900's and a Behringer djx 700 mixer. Using windows 10 x64 bit and Traktor 2.11.0 x64 bit.


Problem: mixer playing both deck A and B audio through 1 channel on mixer. 

I want to use my decks and mixer externally.

I have used the same mixer and decks with Traktor before and it worked fine on earlier version of windows.

Is this some sort of routing issue caused by windows 10 and a 64 bit version of Traktor?

Tried doing the 32 bit subfolder thing and doesn't work.

Please help moi.




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@Greg > You can select the CDJ-900's as your audio output devices, but would need to use the Aggregator Tool from this page. Also, be sure you grab the latest drivers and firmware, you can use the 64bit version of Traktor with those drivers.

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