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Can't record sequence with AS-1 & SP-16

Hi! I have recently bought the AS-1, and want to use it with my SP-16. 

I have set up a midichannel using the preset AS-1 on the Sp-16. I have also set up a through track to get sound into the Sp-16. The midi channel doesn't produce any sound but I can make a sequence in it that plays but It's not recorded since my Through line-in track is giving the sound? What am I missing!? 

How do I get my AS-1 sequence  live recorded in my Sp-16?


Kind regards


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Hello Misael,

Please make sure the following is connected and setup.

SP-16 Midi out to AS-1 Midi In connection.

AS-1 Midi option set to Midi (Not Usb)

AS-1 set to Slave

Sp-16 Thru track with audio out of the AS-1 into the Input of Sp-16

With these options and connections setup you should be able to hear and record the AS-1 with the SP-16. This will also allow you to Midi Trigger the AS-1 with the SP-16.

Let me know if this works for you.



Dj Creme
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Thank you for your reply! 

I have everything setup as you explained and I can hear sound and record into my sequence. But how do I get them to STAY there, since I want to make a new lead, Bassline etc on my AS-1. 

If i change anything on my AS-1, the sound naturally changes in my sequence, and I want to keep what I just did. 

I guess I have to record the sound of my sequence internally. And then put them in the sequence again but this time at the first beat on a whole bar, depending on what kind of sound has been made. Let's say an Arpeggio on a 4/4 sequence. 

What are your best ideas to do so, and to keep up a good workflow?


Thank you


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