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Toraiz de-click!

Love the Toraiz, it has a great sound and very cool workflow. Very happy with mine..

Personally not fussed about a lot of the extras that are being asked for (like longer samples, additional DAW style features etc. etc.) but fair play for Pioneer listening and trying to add in what they can, sure the update will be amazing.

I just wanted to add my 5 cents which is all the extras would be great but for me would really like to be able to de-click samples and loops (i.e. adding a fade in and out at the beginning and end to stop clicks when the waveform is cut off). This was shown in the original manual but hasn't been implemented yet.

This would make it so much more usable, would be very cool if this can be included in the firmware update!

Keep up the good work, thanks, J

James Croyden

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Hey guys thank you for your feedback, I will pass this along to the production team.

Thank you.

Dj Creme
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Always going through a fuss to de-click manually.

Firstly I try to de-click by adjusting start/end points but this is tedious and yet does not always work.

Then secondly I try de-clicking by creating fade in/out using amp envelope but again not always effective.

As a result quite often I am compromising to just leave it. Most of the times music is not really ruined by clicks, but occasionally some samples may become unsuitable. 

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