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2000NXS2 + new DDJ-XP1?

I noticed in the new FW update for the NXS2 that they added the XP1 as a compatible device. does this mean all the features of the NXS2 can be controlled buy the XP1? what exactly can we do with it? Theres no info out on it about the use with a NXS2, just with RB5


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Pioneer released a pdf today (Sep19) explaining the DDJ-XP1's & SP1 Hardware Diagram... how to configure and what button does what. Trying to find it online again as i forgot to download it but did get a screenshot of the XP1's hardware diagram. 

One player needs to use the USB port to connect to the XP1 and be able to control all 4 decks (as long as they're linked via LAN) so very handy, no need for a crazy USB hub, just one does the job. 

If anyone finds the pdf pls share here ;) 

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