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DDJ-XP1, CDJs 900 Nexus, RB and analogue mixer?

DDJ-XP1, CDJs 900 Nexus, RB and analogue mixer?

Dear Forum Members, i had a hard time to find any insights in forums, therefore i address my question now directly to you:

I'm currently thinking of switching from using RB as a music management tool only to using it in performance mode including the DDJ-XP1 with my setup rekordbox 5, CDJs 900 Nexus and a Xone 92. The CDJs are linked by LAN and each linked by USB to my Mac. The mixer is getting the signals via RCAs.

Is there any 'best' way to include the DDJ-XP1 and RB in Performance mode in this setup to ensure as much addititional functionality of RB available as possible? Does it make sense in my case at all with an analogue mixer?

Thanks in advance for your feedback! Best regards, Björn

Björn Angenendt

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