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Fx send & separate output... important question!


is it possible to assign a track to a seperate output and have it muted/removed on the master while keeping the fx send function for the other tracks that are only on the master ?? I'm preparing a live and I would like to send a few tracks through seperate outs but when I assigne them (in m+6ch mode) they are not removed from the master, I know that the "8ch" in the "assign" mode works but it removes the fx send. It misses a "6ch" mode without tracks playing twice on the master and their assigned outputs. I can see why it would be useful to play them twice in some situations, but i really don't understand why they couldn't be muted on the master as the aim for routing to a seperate output would be to remove the sound from master to add EQ + FX and adjust volume on my hardware mixer. If this is not possible please please add it in the 1.4 update if it's not already planned, for me it's the most annoying issue of this wonderful machine. 

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Pretty old post here, but I just realized that the problem described above, is really so annoying and does not make sense at all, like Glacius says.

Why would I still want the sound on the Master, when I choose to select a separate output, it is quite normal nowadays that the sound that goes to a separate out does NOT go to the Master output as well.

Change this, really frustrating!!!

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