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How to edit date added?

There's been a couple threads, but it's been a while, so I'm hoping maybe there's a better way at this point.

I, like others, moved over from Traktor, and imported my entire library to Rekordbox. Now all my songs have the same "Date Added" value. I'd like to change them so they match my folders/when I bought them. Any insight on how to get this done somewhat quick and easy? Am I missing something?

Jared Ross

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You'd have to manually edit the database, which I don't recommend. If you want to use a different date that you can edit easily, try the Release Date tag, which can't be edited within rekordbox.

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Dear Pioneer team,

I'm about to pivot from Traktor to Rekordbox (+ DDJ 1000) and I'm experiencing the same issue as described by Jared:

All my imported tracks have the same "Data Added" now. As the date, around which I downloaded and added music to my library, is an important attribute for me to identify my tracks, I would *really* love to edit / adapt the date.

I already developed a small PHP-based script that would modify the DateAdded attribute inside the exported rekordbox XML based on regular expressions which would derive a "Data Added" from the folder structure on my hard drive.

However, the change would only be reflected in the "rekordbox xml" section of Rekordbox, even after (re-)importing the files from there to the core collection. 

Now, you mentioned in your previous comment, that manual editing of the core database is possible – though not recommended, I understand. But since I'm a developer myself, I would really be interested in how I can achieve to edit that date for my core library, too.

Preferably, of course, by using the XML file, in which I already fixed the corresponding attribute. Or by running through another text based DB file to perform the same action there.

Any help / hint very much appreciated.


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