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Half tempo on CDJ/XDJs

Hi people,

Wondered if you could help me on something? After recently switching from a controller (Traktor s4) to XDJs (700) I have encountered a problem with halving the tempo on the XDJs. I am aware you can x2 & /2 within rekordbox before exporting the music, however I only want to temporarily do this.


For example, I want to mix a song of 155bpm into a track of 82bpm. Ideally I would want to pitch up deck A to 160bpm and beatmatch it to deck B (meaning I have to x2 deck B and pitch down to 160), then once the transition has finished I would revert the beat grid back to the normal 82bpm and then mix onwards into the stuff ranging between 90-110.

Can anyone help me on this? I can't seem to work around it.


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Sorry mate, there is currently no way to do this on the deck itself.

Mark Gallo
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