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1.4 Feature Requests

I submit this initial round of requests in all humility having perused the manual and addendum fairly thoroughly. Please let me know if I'm not understanding something. All my requests are features that have been present in past devices over the last 15 years or so. In my opinion, the closest device to Toraiz is Korg ESX-1. Anyways, here we go:

  1. Let me allocate my 256mb rather than 32sec per pad
  2. Sample any length and save to flash or USB before loading into RAM
  3. Truncate sample
  4. Delete sample directly from device
  5. Group tracks in mixer
  6. Copy, Paste, Swap Tracks/Pads
  7. Let Track/Pad settings exist separately from samples loaded
  8. Select all steps in a track for editing at once
  9. Shift timing of entire pattern (all tracks) at once
  10. Crossfade Loop (makes for a more natural loop, avoids clicks)
  11. Ping-Pong Loop (plays from start to end, reverses to loop start, back to loop end, obeys release env)
  12. Glide Setting (this really makes patches sound more like a true instrument than just a pitched sample)
  13. Revert pattern to last saved state (great for live tweaking and returning to original state)
  14. Copy/Paste pattern while sequencer is running
  15. Play pads while track is muted

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Hello CJ,

Thank you for all of your great feedback and suggestions, I will pass this along to the Pioneer Dj engineers. 


Dj Creme
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This would be great! I hope Pioneer is still listening.

Morris forieri 1 voto
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I'm gonna chime in here with my feature requests for 1.4 instead of adding another post. Some of these requests come from samplers that came out in the 90s. Would love the toraiz (toraiz 2) to address some of these things.

1. Pitch Transpose -/+ 50

2. Sample Tempo Adjustment separate from the project bpm. Think Sample Tune. 

3. Time Stretch. As mentioned in the forums before, M.TMP is noticably too grimy (in a digital way). Would love to get a cleaner stretch for that mode.

4. Scale. It would be cool to have one or more user slots for scales so we can create our own.

5. Copy/Paste patterns. I noticed when copying a midi track to a sample track no adsr info comes along with the copy. Would love to have that.

6. UNDO/REDO for sequence related parameters

7. Delete sample directly from device especially ones that aren't formatted correctly. 

8. Sample navigation. I know we can press shift to scroll up to the root but it only works on one level down. Would be nice for all sub folders. 

that's all from me for now, thanks for listening. 

Orión García 1 voto
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16. Toggle mode in addition to One-Shot and Gate. This would enable the Toraiz to be used like a Roland SP series unit. Press pad once, sound loops continuously. Press pad again, sound stops.

17. Warp mode that uses slice points as basis. Like a Rex file. It's a very straightforward way of stretching. Just introduces space at the slice points as you slow the tempo. User can throw some verb on to mask it a bit. Retains the punch for drum loops better than other stretch modes.

CJ 1 voto
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18. Program Change Messages from the SP-16 to the AS-1 when you switch patterns. Would love to be able to automatically switch synth presets when i switch patterns/scenes! (Unless its already there and im just goober-ing it haha)


19.Loop Mode - Being able to sample and then immediately playback a loop would make live performance and creating so much more streamlined than the current method of record/save/rename/add trigger : )


Love both my toraiz units!



Dan Yeo 2 voti
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