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S-DJ80X: bass reduction via amp? + wireless integration

Not mixed for years...My GF has purchased full pioneer kit headphones, speakers, controller for my 30th! I asked for a pair of sdj80x without reviewing because naively thoughy bigger better! They're arriving next week so could still swap. Have done research now and they say not to get too big for room...in my order I got a DDJRX controller. Understand they can both connect straight to controller. The website are sending me XLR > 0.25" cables...1. Would xlr to xlr cable be better cable to use? 2.anticipaiting will have to use controller to turn bass down...but this will make recording of mixes bad...I like that they have large capacity if needed for a party...for mixing, can you use an amp to to connect speakers to reduce bass via amp then connect amp to controller and what amp would you recommend (budget option as this was an oversight!) 3. I would like to be able to take speakers to living room when have parties and integrate with sonos speakers via sonos connect...so assume i could connect the pioneer amp to to sonos amp as they don't have many connections...so effectively the sonos "room" would be what ever speakers are connected to the pioneer amp? Thanks in advance for advice...very excited for delivery but think will need a bit of a work around as above!!

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1) XLR to XLR is great, you can also use XLR to 1/4.

2) NO, they are powered speakers so you don't hook up an amp to run them 9if I am reading this correctly).

3) No clue about hooking up Sonos to the system, but would think they would run off the software?  The speakers are input only so would have to check with Sonos on that.


The 80X are really nice monitors and could handle a small living room party with ease.  If they are to heavy on bas for recording, just go with headphones as the monitors...

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