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E-8306/CDJ 350


I'm tranfering songs with rekordbox to a fat32 flash drive. When I load the tracks in the CDJ-350 I get the E8306 error on display. After a few days searching for a solution, I decided create myself a post here.

I bought the tracks on Beatport, in mp3/aiff/wav formats. I'm having this problem with all the tracks of the same folders/playlists, other tracks load normally. I tested several different ways, like putting the tracks with error in the same folder of those that are without error, but the problem persists in the same usual tracks. 

I searched the tracks in the contents folder, on the flash drive, and they are there, playing normally on windows (usually the E8306 error is when the file is missing).


Anyone with a solution for this?


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Think I found the solution. I just updated the firmware to last version (1.13) and now I don't get the error. Seems that the error shows because of the WAV and AIFF files. Now works perfect. Hope this helps people with same problem.

Marco Freitas
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