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DJM 900 Nexus Traktor MIDI issue

Hi guys,

had this problem once before with the 900. I'm using a macBook Pro with Sierra, latest version of Traktor, latest updates on the 900.

Using USB for audio on the 900, realised the mixer was sending unwanted MIDI to Traktor but the MIDI button on the mixer wouldn't turn on off.

I don't own a 900 but just went through the manual and it seems like this should be a pretty straight forward thing, am I missing something ?


Thanks  !

Mike Gibbs

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I've got the same problem.

I want to use the djm 900 nexus 2 as an external mixer and a traktor kontrol x1 as decks and i can't use the mixer because if i move the volume fader on the djm, it sends midi data (cue) to traktor and the track jumps to the first cuepoint.

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Sorry for the delayed reply. Have you got these issues sorted?

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