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Connecting RMX 1000 to a Zone 92



I am having difficulty connecting my RMX 1000 to my Zone 92. I followed the instructions in these pictures via this link but it is not working. The lights on the input and output of the RMX are illuminating so something seems to be happening but no effects coming through.


Please can someone help? I've heard DJ Pulse is the man.




Bruce Franklin

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Thanks Mark. These pictures are the ones in the thread I was alluding to in my post.


I have followed the set up in these pictures. Ducking is off, button is pressed above the rotary faders on the return channel. Even got the MIX 2 on the master up so there is a signal being sent. Still nothing.


Not that I think it would make a difference but connection is set to send/return (-10 db) on the back of the RMX-1000.


Have called Pioneer. Chap I spoke to hadn't heard of a Xone92 so couldn't help. Messaged Allen & Heath and awaiting a response.

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Oops.  Sorry about that.  First reaction is always to give the easiest answer.  This is interesting.  If the input and output lights are working then the RMX should certainly be working.  Let's try this:

  1. Connect the master output of the mixer to the RMX's input
  2. Connect your speakers to the RMX's output

If the RMX is working properly we will now know that the mixer is the issue.  If that's the case, only A&H will be able to help you with that.  If the RMX is having issues, your best bet is to contact your nearest authorized repair center and they will be able to repair it (free of charge if it's under warranty).

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