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Ideas for 1.4

Personally I like the Toraiz best for its high audio quality and its slick workflow.

Here some ideas for future updates, partly based on existing pioneer developments, focused on reasonable implementation and synergistic interaction to enhance performance.

1a) expand clockdivider values for Retrigger Speed like on the X-Pad of Pioneer RMX1000 to:
1/2 2/3 3/4 1/1 3/2 2/1 4/1 8/1 1/32 1/24 1/16 1/12 1/8 1/6 1/4 1/3

1b) implement different retrigger tyes according to "roll", "slip Roll" and "divide
roll" as you did on the RMX1000. Especially "Slip Roll" is amazing for creating and remixing drum-sequences.

1c) assign different clockdivider values to the ribbon's zones (like on the X-Pad of RMX1000) so you can easily change the retrigger speed of the pads you are hitting.

2) Individual midi clock divider for each track.

3) Individual step length per track.

4) Live loop recording per track. (You did a great job implementing live loop
recording on the RMX1000!)

5) A solution for recording samples that are longer than 32seconds without violating the 32s-per-track-limit: slice-rec!
If a sample during recording is exceeding max. amount of Bars/measures/sample time it switches to the next Pad/track.
This way you can use 16 empty tracks to continuously record a maximum of 64 Bars @120BPM!
So technically we have a sample that's cut into 16 slices assigned to up to 16 Pads automatically. Each of these slices can be up to 4 Bars long.

Now if a step in a track would last for four bars (thanks to midi clock division), you cold have songs/parts that last about 30min realized within one track by using 64 steps.

With slice-rec you can real-time-record, remix and arrange whole songs fast and easy in the Box.

Thanks and keep up the good work - future looks bright!

Marc Antonius

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Hello Marc,

Thank you for your great feedback and suggestions. I will pass this along to the production team.


Dj Creme
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Lots of great ideas in your post. Especially 1a) and 1b).

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hi there, just received my new SP, and i have to say it is great and very easy to use.

as experimented Elektron user i would like to propose for next updates some improvements in the already nice work flow: 

- use shift + rec, stop and play to delete, copy and paste tracks in the sequencer, making possible to erase individual or all the steps in a track sequences, as well as copy steps the same way. now if we want to delete a track in the sequencer we need to do it in step mode pressing every step i want to discard.

- effects: please include reverb as normal effect, not just as send one. also, please activate at least two effects at once for every track, and independent effect buses at once for send and mastering. we should be able to get at least one send effect (i.e reverb) and a master effect (i.e compressor/limiter) at the same time. 

- it would be great to have names for the scenes that should be displayed on the main screen, as well as the choice to select the colour of each scene.

this for the moment, i think you guys did a great job so hopefully the next update brings even better things! 



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The first post is a very thoughtful set of suggestions which would give this machine the flexibility to become quite unhindered from its current limitations.
I've had one for a month and it's a keeper because I can work very quickly. I have however been considering something for longer samples, enhanced mangling (not naming names!) - the additions to sp16 above would eliminate the need. None of the suggestions above would compromise SQ or functionality.

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One really good feature (assuming the sample limit stays at 32s) is to allow importation of longer samples, but truncate them to 32s. 

Another would be to support a few more legacy sample formats such as .aiff

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