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Cdj 2000

When I load a track to the cdj the wave form appears but the time bar doesn't move when the song is played, it stays at the start of the waveform, this has only just started happening with new songs that i put into rekord box as other tracks work fine, songs are all analyised properly so I'm not too sure what could be going wrong

Corey Medley

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Sorry, there really isn't enough information provided to fully understand what the problem is.

- what is the file type (MP3 / WAV / AAC / AIFF ...?)

- what is the bit depth / sample rate of that file?

- what kind of USB drive are you using (make / model)?

- how is it formatted (FAT32 / HFS+)?

- what version of rekordbox are you using?

- what firmware is on the player, and is the model the original CDJ-2000 or is it another version?

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Many thanks for the reactivity!


- The the format type is MP3

- Bit depth / sample is between 48kHz and 50 depending on the tracks

- SD card Toshiba formatised in FAT32

- Latest version of rekordbox and first version of the cdj-2000


To explain the problem in more details:

1. I analyse the tracks in rekordbox to get the time, waves, bpm etc... And this works perfectly fine in rekordbox for all tracks/files.

2. Then all tracks of the Playlist are exported on the SD card and the SD card is inserted into the cdj 2000.

3. When loading some tracks (appears randomly on certain tracks) the remaining time isn't loaded (even though it is visible when playing in rekordbox) - there are small horizontal bars instead but the wave are displayed. This means when playing these tracks the white time bar that should follow the tracks advancement is staying at the starting point even though the tracks is played.


I am not sure if the description is perfect and if I am doing something wrong or not. Potentially I could send you a video of the problem if it can ease the resolution.


Would that helps?

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