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Mixed in key key shift

I really like the new key shift function but I'm using the mixed in key keys and rekordbox doesn't know which key for example 3A gets when I shift it one semitone down

so when I shift it down instead of showing me the new key it just shows nothing and I have to "calculate" the new key on my own. so basically the key shift "column" looks like this https://prnt.sc/h4kgeu

implementing the MIK keys or letting myself implement those keys would make the key shift function way easier 

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@Miguel > Each shift in the key shift function steps the music up or down a semitone.

For each semitone UP,  the new position is 5 steps counter-clockwise on the harmonic wheel.

For each semitone DOWN, the new position is 5 steps clockwise on the harmonic wheel.

It doesn't matter if you're using the Camelot system or not - all that does is re-label the key notation to a number/letter combo.

We have had plenty of requests for the Camelot notation to be added to the rekordbox eco-system, but we don't have a timeline for its implementation. So for the time being, why not learn the musical values? :)

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