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XDJ-RX2: Track Sequence/following order when hitting "next" button.

When you use The Xdj in midi mode & you play your music it all goes pretty easy.

You did your combo and you just hit the "next" button on the device and good to go...

so what happens in midi mode: Track list : 1-2-3-4-5-6-...
Deck A: 1
Deck B: 2
combo done ready for next tune (we hit the "next" button on Deck A)
Deck A: 3 (Automaticly we go to track 3...)
=> In Standalone mode when we hit next on deck A get track 2 ... so we need to push it again to load track 3 ...

==> is there a way to make the standalone mode work the same as controller rekordbox mode? (or a possibility to load settings onto the usb drive to get a choice?)


Thx in Advance!! 




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Nope, sorry - each deck acts independently and there are legitimate reasons for wanting to load the next track and have it be the same on each deck. If that's an issue, consider this work-around: create two playlists (LEFT and RIGHT) and then add the tracks to each one in an alternating format, so when you then load the playlist for the LEFT deck, it effectively has every other song of the playlist, same for the RIGHT.

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